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Your Geneva-based mountain leader for orienteering courses and nature & hiking tours at all altitudes.

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All activities can be held as :

Group tour : you join a group for a tour announced on the events page.

Private tour : on request, on dates that suit you, for individual or family outings, between friends, company seminars, schools or any other group already formed.

English spoken : french mother tongue but thanks to years of international assignments I speak english and all activities can be held both in french and english.

person holding compass facing towards green pine treesperson holding compass facing towards green pine trees

Unlock the mystery of mountain navigation ! Learn how to read a map, follow a route, create your own path, and navigate with confidence in the wilderness. Join us to gain essential skills for orienteering and never get lost again.

Discover the mountains from a fresh perspective with our day or 1/2 day excursions. Immerse yourself in themed hikes for enriching experience or embark on sporty hikes for the pure joy of walking.

Escape the everyday with a weekend hiking adventure ! Experience the mountains like never before with an overnight stay in a cozy mountain hut or a thrilling bivouac. Join us for 2 days and 1 night of unforgettable memories.

An unforgettable mountain immersion for 3 days or more! Trek from hut to hut, or base yourself in a cozy fixed accommodation and explore the mountains in all their glory. Beginner or experienced adventurer, there's something for everyone !

Looking for a challenge ? I'll be your expert guide as you progress towards the iconic 3000m altitude elevation, creating unforgettable memories and experiencing the mountains in all their glory.

Is it a bird ? What is this tree ? And whose tracks are these? Discover the fascinating stories of our mountains, with outings tailored for children and families, perfect for the enjoyment of young and old explorers alike.

Unveil the enigmatic beauty of snowy mountains. With snowshoes as your guide, venture into the mystical realm of this seemingly sleeping nature.

Birthdays, corporate seminars, family adventures, off-trail expeditions... Any special request or unique desire, I'll design a customized program tailored to your needs.

Azimut AltitudE, Who is it ?

Hello, I am Elodie Bruder, born in 1982. Passionate about the mountains and science, I started my career as an engineer. After completing my studies, I lived and worked more than a decade in various places around the world such as India, Africa, the Middle East, and Ukraine, primarily with a humanitarian organization before settling back near Geneva. My heart was longing for the mountains!

As far as I can remember I've always been drawn to the outdoors and the peaks. From childhood hikes to climbing, mountaineering, and ice climbing, I have experienced all sorts of mountain adventures. But hiking remains my first and true passion. I love envisioning new routes, experiencing and sharing immersive mountain adventures, and taking the time to connect with nature.

As an orienteering enthusiast and a humanitarian at heart, I have long dreamed of introducing others to the mountains, a realm that I truly cherish. That's why in 2022, I decided to pursue my dream and embarked on a journey to become a certified mountain leader through the Swiss “Brevet Fédéral”.

With Azimut Altitude, it's not just about guiding you to stunning destinations, it's about creating a human connection and a connection with nature. The mountains are a powerful, yet delicate environment; I believe they are not just a place to explore, but also a place to discover ourselves and our relation to the world. The trails are filled with thousands of mysteries to unveil, I can’t wait to share these with you!

See you soon in the mountains...

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