Dates : according to your availability as private outing

Where : meeting at Vercorin cable car - canton of Valais

Duration : 2 days / 1 night (half-board accomodation in a mountain hut with dormitories)

Difficulty : Fitness 2 & level T3

Alt. max : 2982 m

Alt. min : 2176 m

Price : CHF 325. - - per person as collective outing over 2 days, minimum 4 participants. On request as private outing according to the price & conditions

The price includes the guided tour, the two-ways cable car ride, as well as the half-board accommodation in a dormitory. The price does not include picnics or any drinks or snacks consumed in the hut. Additionally, the price does not cover transportation to and from the meeting point, nor any potential parking fees.

N.B. : Depending on weather conditions or any other factors, all information provided in this document may be subject to change or modification.

Description :

  • Day 1 : we use the cable car to reach the starting point of our hike. The day begins with a balcony trail that takes us to the wild valley of Val de Réchy. We leave behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life and fully appreciate this protected area where nature blossoms. The slope then steepens as we begin the ascent of Mont Noble, the first summit of our weekend. From the summit, we enjoy a 360° view of the Rhône Valley and the Alps ridge. The second part of the day takes us back up the Val de Réchy before making a final effort to climb the pass that separates us from our mountain hut for the night, at 2982m.

    13km +1050m -385m

  • Day 2 : the morning sun warms us up with its first rays as we begin the day by crossing over to the second pass of our route. The rocky atmosphere adds to the solemnity of the place, overlooking the imposing summit of Becs de Bosson. We then join a pleasant gentle slope trail that takes us back to the alpine pastures and up to the summit of our second objective, Roc d'Orzival. Our efforts are rewarded by the breathtaking view that unfolds before us. We then continue on a beautiful ridge path, suspended between sky and earth, which beautifully concludes these two days at high altitude before reaching the cable car that takes us back to Vercorin.

10km +405m -1062m

Orzival Circuit